I'm a Level 8 Google Local Guide!

I like to be of help to others and when I discovered Google Maps' Contribute, I'd been more conscious in taking pictures of places I'm at, the attractions, the food, and other important information about the establishments in the area. It's fun to share these helpful details about the places I've been to and to give other users tips and tricks.

Right now, allow me to brag my current status. It's not high compared to pros but I'm pushing myself to earn more points and reach a higher level. 

The goal is to unlock first the Fact Finder and be Master Reviewer and Master Trailblazer then surpass Level 8 before the year ends. It's quite hard at my current level since Level 8 is with 15,000 points only and Level 9's 50,000 points and the current highest level, Level 10 is with 100,000 points but it is a welcome challenge. I know that this will be tough but as long as I'm having fun taking pictures, answering questions, updating their info and giving out tips and other helpful details, I know I'll be able to reach my goal. 

There are not a lot of people who are into this kind of stuff but I am hoping more will be involved as it helps many users online in getting more information on places they are interested at. If you have questions about how to begin, you can always reach out to me through the comment section or on my social media accounts. Please feel free to shoot me a message.